Makkina | Notting Hill, London UK 2003-2005

Built for one of Europe’s premier independent automotive design consultancies, Makkina Studios embodies the sleek, ultra-modern aesthetics that are at the core of Makkina Ltd’s brand. The once derelict four-storey Victorian townhouse in London’s Notting Hill was entirely transformed with a minimalist treatment of white walls, at times with a glossy finish picking up on Makkina’s work, and contrasting dark wood parquet.

Fine detailing and luxurious finishes play off the futuristic look and feel of super cars while shedding a sense of adrenaline. Instead, a diffuse geometry to the space and a purity of its lines and materials offer a serene and focused environment.

"...a cleverly understated, stylish space... immaculately detailed." - RIBA Journal, April 2006