Qatar Foundation | 2011 - 2012

This proposal is a study in spatial and formal luxury, showing a number of varied spaces based on the same fundamental design principles, drawn from traditional Qatari architecture. These include majlis, climactic courtyards, a distinction between formal and service spaces and a very controlled hierarchy of public and private ­– all of which are present in the design.

Each of the buildings, which all stand alone, are nonetheless all part of an interlocking set of internal and external areas. These have been arranged to provide a mixture of environments, from the convivial and sociable to the contemplative, personal and private. Similarly, the perimeter wall helps to define discrete outdoor rooms that develop in turn to internal ones: each room in the house has its companion external room, maintaining intimacy between enclosed and external family spaces.

A lap pool extends the full 50 metres of each residence, and is shaded by planting and overhangs.