Braemar Community Ltd. | 2012 -

Spanning 85 meters across the River Dee, near Braemar in Scotland, this foot and cycle bridge will link the highland town with access tracks that lead into the Cairngorm massif – the mountain area at the heart of the UK’s largest, highest and most remote National Park.

The bridge, a modified suspension bridge, is rooted not in contemporary design but in that of a family of Victorian footbridges that span the upper Dee, in particular the surviving white painted suspension bridges at Garbh Alt Sheil, Polhollick and Cambus O’May. The elegant V-shape of its pylons, at each end, define the geometry of its net of suspension cables – giving the impression of a valley and befitting of a piece of infrastructure crossing into wilderness.

The bridge will fulfil a long-standing wish on the part of Braemar residents and visitors to the area to have a permanent fixed link between the north and south banks of The River Dee adjacent to the village.