Private Client | 2015 -

Nestled in a manmade bowl carved out of the landscape, Quarry House is concealed from public view in a wooded site in the Cairngorms National Park. This family home joins a loosely grouped cluster of residential and community buildings surrounded by the Crathie Wood SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in Upper Deeside. The house is designed to make the most of its former quarry location, sheltering from northerly winds and bringing sunlight into the house with rooms oriented south and west.

Although the overall footprint of the building is very simple, the interior spaces are deliberately ‘misaligned’ in order to create pockets of space that embed the building in its surroundings with sheltered niches and frequent unexpected views. With frameless glazing and long span profiled metal roofing the form of the house is follows the slope of the landscape and draws on diverse references including modern agricultural buildings and the Arts and Crafts architecture of many houses in the surrounding area.