London Borough of Hounslow | London, 2017 - 2022

Winner NLA Transport and Infrastructure Award 2023

The Dukes Meadow Footbridge joins two previously disconnected sections of the Thames Path, beneath the pre-existing Grade II listed Barnes Bridge in Chiswick, South London.

Part of a wider scheme enhancing one of London’s busiest parks, the footbridge caters to all types of users, allowing access to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and those with buggies. By enhancing the Thames Path, the footbridge  provides additional leisure options to the wider area, encouraging recreation and sustainable modes of travel. The bridge also responds to the high volume of rowing traffic along this section of the river, anticipating views to and from rowers at all tide levels.

The structure is a ‘half through’ truss form with distinctive bracing members angled to maximise oblique views to the river. The meandering alignment encourages views up and downstream as well as into the adjacent Dukes Hollow nature reserve which is one of the few remaining natural tidal habitats in London.

"...faceted and intriguing, its irregularity driven by the imaginative response to circumstance." Ingenious and life-enhancing: a tale of two new London footbridges; Rowan Moore, The Observer 19.02.23