Baden-Würtemberg | Balingen, Germany 2019-ongoing

Bridge Design Awards International Winner 2023
Open International Design Competition Winner 2019

The winning entry in an invited competition for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge for the town of Balingen in southern Germany, this bridge is being developed by Moxon alongside timber engineering specialist Ingenieurbüro Miebach. The design, which embodies Balingen’s ambitious dual commitment to design excellence and a sustainable future, was unanimously selected by a jury of experts, and commended for its sympathetic response to the natural riverbank setting. Due to be unveiled for the 2023 Baden-Würtemberg Garden Show, the bridge will form a focal showpiece of a 14-hectare regeneration in preparation for the event.

The bridge, which is defined visually by its elegant, exposed timber structural elements, is part of a wider regeneration project to reconnect Balingen town centre with its riverside spaces in preparation for hosting the 2023 Garden Show. In addition to linking event venues, the strategically located crossing will help transform the environment of the River Eyach and its banks in the long term, joining up a new green leisure corridor that will run through the town.

Fabrication photographs by Ingenieurbüro Miebach.