Project Taunton | Taunton, Somerset 2008-2010

Shortlisted RIBA Awards 2011

Spanning a nationally important Scheduled Ancient Monument and surrounded by Listed buildings, this bridge provides a fully DDA compliant link between Goodland Gardens and the redeveloped Castle Green area of Taunton.

The bridge is gently curved, subtly yielding to the Castle Tower but maintaining a direct route from one end of the site to the other. The deck tapers to mitigate between the contrasting conditions at either end – the false perspective set up by the taper, combined with the gentle curve, visually shortens the uphill journey to the square while apparently prolonging the downhill stroll into the gardens.

"Seemingly effortless, Moxon’s glass and steel viaduct around Taunton Castle belies the complexity of its construction" - Architects' Journal, December 2012