Galliard Homes | London, UK 2020-2022

The Honey Monster Bridge spans over a branch of the Grand Union Canal, replacing the primary point of access into the former Sugar Puffs factory site in Southall, West London. The bridge is the first component of a large scale redevelopment project in this vibrant and rapidly expanding neighbourhood. Over the next decade it will provide access to construction goods and vehicles before welcoming residents as the ‘front door’ of an entirely new neighbourhood.

Won through a competition in 2020 the bridge was designed and delivered within an ambitious two-year programme. The primary in situ concrete structure includes integral abutments and upstand edge beams that double as vehicle containment. Large shaped concrete planters at the four corners terminate the structure, blending its form into the surroundings. Once planted they will further soften the bridge, embedding it within the sitewide landscaping strategy. A lightweight cantilevered footway along the west side separates pedestrians from vehicles encouraging engagement with the canal corridor below.

Fundamental to the design was the requirement to add a designated cycleway in the future without reducing the carriageway and footway provision. The structure has been designed to accommodate a ‘mirrored’ cantilever footway on the east, parapet reconfiguration and the conversion of pavement into cycleway. Pushing this decision into the future rather than over providing from day one is both economical and sustainable. The built design will function perfectly in all scenarios: a subtle symbol of an intelligently evolving city.