Aalto-yliopisto | Espoo, Finland 2015

This proposed masterplan for Aalto University aims to develop a connective public space on campus, at last realising one of Aalto’s original intentions for the site.

Retaining and reinforcing an existing lime tree-lined axis, leading from its main faculty building, a new perpendicular axis has been added to link to important transport and metro hubs. As part of this, service traffic was contained underground, freeing up surface-level space for pedestrians a cyclists and, in effect, humanising it.

Another result of this plan is that the importance Aalto University’s main faculty building has been reasserted, again based on Aalto’s on intention and befitting of the function and architectural prominence of that structure.

"A beautifully and clearly presented proposal... (it) represents a refreshing reinterpretation of the traditional collegial courtyard model." - Jury Citation, 2015