City of Turku | Linnanniemi, Finland 2020

This proposal for the Linnanniemi area of Turku is predicated on two assertions: firstly; the existing buildings make a valuable contribution to the area while offering sufficient space to accommodate the programme required by the city authority; secondly; the landmass is artificial and its hard surĀ­faces should be given over to a mix of landscaping strategies to better manage flood events.

Starting with these parameters, the physical attributes of the site are layered across each other. Areas prone to flooding are connected by parks, inlets and swales to capture, control and dissipate the water, while the castle retains its prominence due to limited new construction.

Utilising the existing buildings allows the programme to remain flexible and responsive to the developing commercial requirements of the area. It de-risks the initial investment required and secures the existing character of the area for the future. Situating the new tulevaisuuden museo in the redundant Viking Line terminal building and adjacent hotel captures the latent spatial potential and architectural merit of the existing steelwork, bridges and gantries.