Private Client | Catterline, Aberdeenshire 2015-2017

Aberdeenshire Conservation Award Winner (AALDA) 2018

Through sensitive intervention, a precisely, and expertly built 19th century former lighthouse at Todhead Point has become a distinctive but compact private family home.

In its tower, the focal point is the installation of a glazed floor to the lamp room, transforming it into a living space from which to watch the storms roll up the coast – the only major alteration in this section of the building, on top of critical restoration work.

The lighthouse’s blockhouse, at the tower’s foot, has been converted into the main living spaces, and extended behind the seaward wall to form bedrooms and bathrooms. The connection between the blockhouse and extension has been given an inset flight of steps leading up to a new roof terrace that runs across both roofs, old and new, while the new building is separated from the buttressed seaward wall itself by a ribbon of frameless glass.