Transport for London | 2013

Once defined solely by industrial production and storage, Hackney Wick is now called home by many, entailing both residential conversions and new build housing. What the area has maintained, however, is an immense amount of character: hard-working and distinctively urban.

The proposed design for Hackney Wick’s Overground station mirrors this character, adding to it a new dynamism. Using a combination of open and fully bonded brickwork, the station’s appearance at night is that of a glowing lantern – a beacon, as stations should be – emitting dappled light. The aesthetic is visually warm and inviting while, thanks to its materiality and unfussy design, still robustly urban. By day, the brickwork also admits light, as well as providing views out onto the neighbourhood.

Circulation is made vertical, incorporating an enclosure to the full height of the stairs. This is intended to add coherence to the station overall and within its context, protection from the elements, and to ensure the safety & security of TfL customers.