Argent LLP | Kings Cross, London UK 2015-2017

BCIA Awards Finalist 2018

Shortlisted RIBA Awards 2018

Living Waterways Awards 2018

Structural Steel Design Awards Commendation 2018

This bridge, which crosses Regents Canal in Central London, is one of extreme simplicity. As a simple beam with a span to depth ratio of 1:35 it is almost impossibly thin, meeting structural demands with the very minimum of materials.

Designed for cyclists and pedestrians to cross from Camley Street into King’s Cross Central (KXC), a landmark redevelopment project, the entire 38m span of the bridge is only 15mm thick and achieves a minimum depth of 400mm at each end. In keeping with the Victorian heritage of the area, the bridge is unadorned and streamlined, focusing attention on extremely detailed and precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

"Moxon's King's Cross Bridge is a lightweight love-letter to Victorian Engineering." - Architect's Journal July 2017