NWMCWC | Isle of Ulva, Argyll 2018-2019

Supported by Moxon Architects Ltd, North West Mull Comminity Woodland Company led a community buy-out of the island of Ulva which successfully completed in summer 2018. The purchase has brought the island back into the hands of the community with the vision to provide sustainable benefits including the regeneration of the island in the short, medium and long term. One of the principal aims of the client is the repopulation of the island ensuring community ownership delivers benefits for the wider North West Mull area as well as the island itself with a focus on re-invigorating the economy and social fabric of the island.

"During our community buyout of the Isle of Ulva, Moxon Architects worked up designs and provided detailed Building Warrant drawings for renovation of the six existing houses on the island. This work, which Moxon’s generously carried out pro bono to support our community project, also provided a sound basis for defining future costs - crucial at the time to support our application to the Scottish Land Fund, and then after the successful purchase in June 2018 it provided a kick start to implementation of our housing renovation project. It also fed directly into Ulva’s Masterplan which was approved by Argyll and Bute Council in August 2020." - Colin Morrison, Chairman, NWMCWC Ltd.