Private Clients | Braemar, Scotland 2021 - ongoing

Planning Consent 2021

Building Warrant 2022

Sited on the northern slopes of Auchendryne in Braemar, this family home steps with the landform to overlook the River Dee. Conservatively addressing the public street to the south with stone, slate and timber, the internal spaces open up to the dramatic views to the north. Organised into two wings; private to the west and more social spaces to the East; the plan is arranged as a sequence of rooms to meet, eat and enjoy life around the home. The primary suite and living space are positioned at the end of each wing to capture the vistas across the strath.

A fabric first approach utilising passivehouse levels of insulation, performance glazing and robust detailing will minimise operational energy losses. Reclaimed granite transported from a local stockpile of downtakings will form two masonry armatures around which the predominantly timber construction of each wing is arranged. Projecting eaves and cantilevered gutters extend beyond the wallheads, encircling the building with a sheltered external perimeter.