Vin Group | Can Gio, Vietnam 2022

To the south of Ho Chi Minh City the Can Gio Urban Area is being developed to a masterplan which includes an inland sea lake at its centre. Two bridges will cross the lake, connecting an outer rim of reclaimed land back to the mainland.

In developing these proposals there were two key dimensional aspects to consider: firstly the span lengths are approximately 400m and 800m, providing the opportunity to build a common design language and modularity into the concept from the outset; secondly a minimum clearance height of 7m, which is relatively shallow compared to the spans, allowing for two elegant but notably low decks.

Rather than propose one bridge twice as long as the other, our proposal divides the combined length into thirds, placing one module to the west and a pair to the east. Three repetitive 400m modules strike a balance between monumentality and simplicity, maintaining the complimentary approach to the scheme. Expanding on this approach compatible cabled-stayed and tied arch proposals have been developed.

Prioritising the user environment has led to a consistent road deck and footway design across both options for both crossings. This continuity results in supporting structures that can be ‘mixed and matched’ with the bridges still being appreciated as a pair. Common detailing and articulation further support this feature, allowing any combination of structures to speak to one another across the water.