European Capital of Culture 2012 | Maribor, Slovenia 2008

The proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge, connecting the Lent and Tabor banks of the River Drava in Maribor, is intended as a subtle companion to the existing iconic Glavni Most, the main crossing. Its design is thus minimalistic, light and with soft undulations that seem to mimick the water of the river below it.

Structurally, the bridge is a stressed ribbon, where the deck rests directly on a series of tendon cables that span from bank to bank. The catenaries described by these cables maintain an average gradient of no more than 1:20, allowing for bicycle and pedestrian use.

The body of the bridge is almost entirely concrete, with parapets made from satin polished stainless steel. These parapets are extremely thin,and placed closely together so that, from distant views, they seem to dissolve and become invisible, while fro­m oblique angles it takes on the form of a shimmering ribbon.

Its lighting by night is also minimal: illuminating the steel ribbons on either side of the deck and providing way-marking for its users.