HS2 / Rail Safety Standards Board | UK, 2014 -

Patent Pending

As part of the UK’s signature high-speed rail project, Moxon, working in conjunction with engineer Mott MacDonald, has designed sleek and cost-effective integrated overhead line structures (OLE).

A clever innovation has allowed for the design to take a reduced profile, minimising visual clutter. Using composite materials with intrinsic electrical insulation properties, the structural and electrical protection requirements have been combined in a single new cantilever component. This eliminates the need for visibly obtrusive ceramic insulating pots.

The complexity of the structure is thus dramatically reduced, with a 70% reduction in part count relative to existing OLE systems, speeding up installation times and reducing whole life cost.

The reduction in height and overall lessened visual impact makes these OLES appropriate for sensitive sites while maintaining full interoperability with all other high speed OLE systems currently on the market.