Private Client | London, UK 2014 - 2016

A Victorian townhouse and a verdant, exotic garden of tree ferns and tropical palms: the question was how to connect these two potentially discordant spaces sensitively, while ensuring a bold visual impact befitting our client.

This was achieved through a series full height windows and skylights, both fixed and operable, and by structural glazed links connecting new and original spaces of the house. At times, these windows fold over dimensions – merging wall and ceiling, or one aspect and another – reflecting the immersive appeal of the greenery that surrounds it. The bespoke weathered steel cladding panels applied to both the rear and side extensions create an ever-evolving and contrasting backdrop to the ferns, with its rusty tones complimenting both the original Victorian brickwork and the new aluminium framed glazing.

"This house is dramatic but also personal, and very nicely done, and the architect maximised what his client wanted. Looking out at the garden, it’s easy to forget you are in south London — not tropical Thailand." - Phillipa Stockley, London Evening Standard, January 2017