Architecture Foundation | Stratford, London UK 2010

As part of an international competition, Moxon designed these flexible and freestanding kiosks, displayed at Stratford Old Town Hall in Meridian Square during 2010’s edition of the London Design Festival. The kiosks were intended to be used as points of information, orientation and service provision before, during and after the 2012 Olympic Games.

Moxon’s design, one of 5 shortlisted, reflects Stratford’s duality of glistening new Olympic venues and a brutalist old town, heavy and urban. The kiosks thus feature one façade of stone-filled gabion, which faces the street, the other of fine glass and LED display screens, facing the entrance to Stratford station. A series of cuts through the structure allow people to move and see through it, while at the same time helping to define and make more enjoyable the now-protected public space