Private Clients | Aberdeenshire, Scotland 2020-2022

Pre-dating the main farmhouse at Ardoch by 20-30 years, the steading is a solid ā€˜Lā€™ plan former byre in granite and slate that has been repurposed as additional study / living space and accommodation for friends and family. Using only the original apertures in the walls, the steading has been re-purposed while maintaining intact the surviving fabric. Frameless glass preserves the vernacular form of the openings that can now be shuttered during winter storms.

The interior has been rebuilt, with the pre-existing volumes as a template for the new living spaces. Characteristic twinned roof ties and joists emulate the original construction, with the newly rationalized pyramidal geometry of the roof hip, upper level hayloft and ventilation slits becoming the defining features of the principle entrance and kitchen space. Clay plaster and oak line the entirety of the interior, with the exception of the bathroom where riven caithness slabs are laid to the floor and ceramic to the walls. Oak joinery conceals modern appliances and fitments, prioritizing the experience of the space.